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Your trusted legal advisor and lawyer in Spain

We are a group of lawyers with extensive experience, working in various areas of the Law but united by the desire to help everyone in difficult moments and provide qualified legal assistance. We operate throughout Spain but are based in the province of Alicante (Torrevieja-Alicante-Benidorm-Calpe). We speak Spanish, English, Russian, and Bulgarian.

If you have decided to invest and develop business in Spain or to move and live in this sunny country, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with comprehensive legal assistance to make you feel comfortable and ensure that you achieve the desired results. We speak your language and defend your rights.

Why choose us?

In our team, we have lawyers with the right to practice in Spain as well as in Bulgaria. We offer consultations and services under Bulgarian law. We speak English, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian.

We understand that choosing a legal partner is an important decision, so we present six steps that demonstrate why you can trust us:

Timely Decisions

We understand the importance of timely decisions in legal matters. We strive to provide quick and effective solutions that meet your needs.

Еxperience and Knowledge

Our lawyers possess extensive experience and knowledge in various areas of law, ensuring that you receive competent and professional legal solutions.

Reputation and Dedication

The numerous satisfied clients we have served are a testament to our reputation and commitment to high service standards.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team structure allows you to receive comprehensive assistance in various legal areas. With us, you can rely on competent lawyers with diverse specializations.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in open communication and transparency at every step of the process. You can trust that your information is in safe hands.

Personalized Approach

Every case is unique and deserves special attention. We approach each client individually, listen carefully to your needs, and offer personalized solutions.

With our long-standing experience, professionalism, and dedication, we are ready to be your reliable legal advisors and partners.

What We Believe

The long-standing provision of services by our lawyers has contributed to the accumulation of rich experience in the field of real estate, immigration to Spain, establishment and servicing of companies, legal proceedings and out-of-court dispute resolution, criminal-law matters, and more.



In the field of civil law, you can receive qualified assistance or simply consult on various issues that arise every day. Our services are available both in person and online or over the phone.



In the field of criminal law, you can receive defense and representation both in pre-trial proceedings and at the commencement of legal proceedings. Protection in places of punishment and more.

Assistance with migration to Spain.

Assistance with the purchase of real estate in Spain.

Assistance in starting a business in Spain.

Protection of our clients' rights in the event of legal disputes.


We offer a wide range of legal services.

Business and Investments.

Spain is an attractive destination for investments and economic development. The favorable location of the country provides numerous opportunities for successful business. Sectors such as tourism, agriculture, transportation services, and others are highly developed and offer extensive prospects.


The most important step towards a peaceful life in Spain is obtaining the right of residence. This right provides access to numerous legal opportunities that are crucial for a normal life and various activities in the country.

Real Estate

We specialize in providing assistance in all aspects of buying or selling real estate in Spain, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free transaction from start to finish. Our comprehensive services cover everything necessary to make your real estate and investment project in Spain successful.

Contracts, Powers of Attorney and Informative Letters

In our daily lives, it is constantly necessary to enter into contracts that shape important aspects of our personal and professional activities. Even for everyday tasks and basic transactions, such as buying goods or providing services, the explicit consent of both parties is required, and this is formalized in a contract. Therefore, it is of utmost importance, when entering into a contract, to be absolutely certain that the terms we are signing ensure and protect our rights and interests.

Divorce and Separation

The provided text discusses the challenges that people face in modern relationships, specifically in the context of divorce cases and actual separations. It highlights that these issues lead to conflicts and legal questions that require specialized legal assistance. Whether it involves seeking alimony or protecting the rights of children, professional legal advice and support are of paramount importance.

More legal services

Inheritance, Eviction – liberation of property from occupiers, Criminal law, Debt Recovery claims, Car Accidents Claims, Insurance Disputes, Administrative Appeals and Disputes, Judicial and Extrajudicial complaints and claims, Translation, Legalization and Apostille, Services under the Bulgarian Law.

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