Divorce and Separation


Divorce and separation present serious challenges that people face in the complex relationships of the modern world. These issues lead to conflicts and legal questions that require specialized legal assistance. Whether it involves seeking alimony or protecting the rights of children, professional legal advice and support are of paramount importance.

One of the major challenges associated with these cases is the fact that parents often do not reside in the same country. Sometimes, they even have different citizenships. This international aspect makes the entire process even more complex and requires particular expertise and experience in international law.

In our legal team, we understand these complexities and are committed to providing the best legal service in this context. Our specialists will do everything possible to ensure the maximum protection of your rights in these types of proceedings. The first step involves conducting preliminary discussions to clarify the nature of the proceedings and the possibilities of reaching a preliminary agreement. If necessary, contacts can be established with the other party, lawyers, and administrative authorities to clarify all details surrounding the proceedings and their requirements.


Often encountered in relationships between spouses is when they no longer live together, but have not yet officially dissolved their relationship. The separation requires the presentation of compelling evidence. In this case, we provide assistance in the easy collection and documentary securing of this evidence. Gathering evidence is critical for the successful handling of the case and for protecting your interests. For each specific case, a discussion is required to clarify all the details.


The child or spousal support case is a complex legal proceeding that requires time and attention. For its successful conduct, it is crucial to thoroughly discuss the needs of the children, especially extraordinary ones. It is important to examine the income of the other parent or the person from whom support will be sought, as well as what documents and evidence can be gathered and presented. Our experts are here to prepare and defend you throughout the legal process, including in the case of international aspects in your relationships.

With our competence and professional experience, we can provide you with the necessary legal assistance and support during this critical moment in your life. We care about your interests and work diligently to ensure your rights and justice in dealing with these complex legal issues.