Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Notification Letters


In our daily lives, we constantly find ourselves entering into contracts that shape important aspects of our lives and professional activities. Even for everyday tasks and basic transactions, such as buying goods or providing services, the explicit agreement of both parties is required, which is formalized in a contract. Therefore, it is of utmost importance, when entering into a contract, to be absolutely sure that the terms we are signing ensure and protect our rights and interests

The protection of our rights and the proper formulation of contracts are of particular importance, especially when it comes to business activities or independent professional practice. In these cases, professional legal support provided by lawyers specializing in the field of commercial and contract law is crucial.

Our specialists offer comprehensive legal services related to the drafting, reviewing, and editing of various types of contracts. We understand that each contract has a unique nature and requires an individualized approach tailored to the specific needs and goals of our client.

When it comes to entering into a contract, our experts consult with the client and thoroughly discuss the future activities and goals of the contract. They provide professional advice and assistance in choosing the most suitable type of contract, ensure that the terms are well-selected, including relevant penalties for delay or non-performance, and more. Their experience and knowledge in the field of commercial and contract law guarantee that the contracts we draft comply with the legislation and provide complete protection for our clients.


In addition, we offer services for the drafting and review of powers of attorney, assistance in completing declarations or consents necessary for both Spain and other countries. In these situations, it is crucial to have correctly formatted and filled documents that reflect our rights and obligations. For companies and self-employed individuals, a subscription service for the drafting and review of contracts and monitoring their execution is also available.


Often, before initiating legal proceedings to resolve a dispute, it is important to formally notify the opposing party and provide them with a deadline to fulfill their obligation voluntarily before taking legal action. In these cases, we provide the necessary legal documents and commit to overseeing the entire process, ensuring complete legal support and representation before the judicial authorities.

With us, you can be confident that your case will be resolved in the best possible way for you. We care about the interests and rights of our clients, providing them with professional and individualized service in the field of commercial and contract law.