Business and Investments

Company registration

Spain is very attractive destination for investment and economic development. The country’s favorable location provides numerous opportunities for successful business ventures. Sectors such as tourism, agriculture, transportation services, and others are highly developed and offer extensive perspectives.

To conduct commercial activities in the country, the registration of a company is a key process that requires careful discussion with the client regarding the future business activities. This involves selecting the appropriate type of company, specifying the commitments of the managing director-administrator, determining the registered office, name, and other aspects of the future trading company. Our team of experts, after in-depth consultation, can assess the most suitable form for registering your company and provide full support throughout the registration process.

After the successful registration of your company, we can offer legal services, including the review of subsequent contracts that will inevitably be signed with future counterparties. We can provide assistance during negotiations and offer legal consultations. Our goal is to ensure the proper and lawful functioning of your business by providing the necessary legal support.

Investing in Spain

If you are interested in investing in Spain, it is possible either through acquiring an existing business or by participating in one that is already operational and has a strategy for expansion. Our specialists can guide you towards various suitable opportunities and assist you in successfully completing the entire process of acquiring a new business, ensuring its legal operation.

If clients prefer to purchase real estate for rental purposes, we have outlined the detailed process of acquisition in the article “Real Estate.” Once you acquire the property, we can take on the responsibility of managing it, handling rentals, and everything necessary to generate regular income from the property.

We also assist clients who wish to purchase vacant land, on which, with the help of our partners, it is possible to build a house, hotel, factory, or other buildings. In recent years, this has become a widespread investment method in Spain, as various industries are relocating to the country.

We are open to discuss various new ideas for investment or starting a business in the country, so it is best to contact us and consult on different opportunities. We believe in your business and are here to help you realize it in Spain. Our team of experts is ready to support you in exploring and implementing various business and investment possibilities. If you have specific ideas or need further consultation regarding opportunities in Spain, feel free to contact us. We believe in the success of your business and we are ready to provide the necessary support.