Immigration and Citizenship


The most important step towards a peaceful life in Spain is obtaining the right of residence. This right provides access to numerous legal opportunities that are crucial for everyday life and various activities in the country. There are several legal possibilities for residence in Spain, including:

Residence with the right to work: In this case, the right of residence is linked to having a job in Spain. Citizens of the European Union are granted the right to work and live in Spain.

Residence without the right to work: This type of residence is suitable for individuals who do not plan to work in Spain, have stable income, and want to live in Spain.

Residence related to education: Students coming to study at educational institutions in Spain can obtain a residence permit, as well as individuals enrolled in special educational courses.

Residence with refugee status: People who are refugees or have protected status can obtain the right to reside in Spain.

There are also other, more specific cases that we can discuss during the consultation.

Our team of lawyers assists you in obtaining the appropriate type of visa from the relevant Spanish consulate. Upon arrival in the country, the first important step is obtaining the NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero). We assist you by preparing the necessary documents for submission to the Police or Immigration Service. We also help you with the payment of the corresponding state fee and accompany you to the relevant authorities until you obtain the number.

The next step is the process of obtaining residence. Our lawyers take care of filling out the application and ensuring the correct payment of the state fee. We support you throughout the process until you receive the document certifying your legal residence in Spain.

In case of problems or the threat of expulsion, we prepare the necessary appeals and provide you with full protection before the administration of the Kingdom of Spain.


When an individual has legal residence in Spain and meets the conditions for applying for citizenship, our specialists provide assistance in preparing all necessary documents and accompany you throughout the process to successfully acquire citizenship. We also offer assistance in renouncing previous citizenship, as the Kingdom of Spain, with some minor exceptions, does not allow dual citizenship.


There are several options for obtaining Spanish citizenship.


The most common option is when an individual marries a person with Spanish citizenship. The second basis is if a child is born in Spain and has lived in the country for more than a year, they have the right to apply for Spanish citizenship.

For individuals of Sephardic origin or coming from Latin America, there is a facilitated and expedited procedure for obtaining Spanish citizenship. This reflects the historical and cultural connections between Spain and these regions.

With extensive experience and commitment to our clients, we assure that your residence process and, at a later stage, your application for citizenship in Spain, will be smooth and successful. Contact us today to start your journey towards a stable life in Spain.