Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the website is designed to ensure compliance with international and European law regarding the protection of information, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and other similar rights, as well as to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Atanasio & Co. The website belongs to the Spanish legal association Atanasio & Co.

By using the services of Atanasio & Co., you provide us with personal information. We make every effort to protect it while providing you with the ability to manage your data.

Please carefully review our Privacy Policy to understand what information we collect, how we use it, and how you can change, export, or delete it.

The website is an open internet resource intended for users worldwide, without restrictions on territory and other criteria. The information collected by the website may be processed and stored in any country worldwide, possibly different from the country where the user provided or placed their information.

Introduction Atanasio & Co. is a legal association of lawyers in Spain. We provide legal services in Spain, assistance, and support to citizens in Spanish, English, Russian, and Bulgarian languages. We specialize in various areas of law, including corporate, commercial, civil, family, immigration, inheritance, criminal, and others. We work with investment projects and real estate transactions.

To make our rules as understandable as possible, we have added examples and definitions of key terms.

Tasks of Atanasio & Co. The main task of the Atanasio & Co. agency is to provide professional legal services in the aforementioned areas of law.

Types of Information and Responsibility The content of any information on the website in any format (text, image, audio, or video) is provided solely for informational purposes.

To ensure compliance with international law and the existing rules, Atanasio & Co. moderates comments on the website’s posts if any. In case of established violations of legal norms and current rules, the website administration reserves the right to block and/or delete the comment.

Privacy Policy and User Agreement We respect the privacy of your data and the data of other users of our website. Whether you are a new or experienced user, please pay attention to all our rules. Carefully review our Privacy Policy to know what information we collect and for what purposes we use it.

By using the feedback form and/or online order form, you provide us with personal information. We do everything possible to protect it while providing you with the ability to manage your data.

The privacy policy and personal data protection policy represent provisions of the existing company rules for collecting and processing personal information of users of the Atanasio & Co. internet resource.

Additional rules may apply to certain categories of users of some services on the website, for which they will be notified in writing.

What Personal Data We Collect and for What Purpose

We collect only personal data that the user has provided to us for communication and ordering the services we offer. These personal data may include:

  • User name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone number

In addition to the data provided by the user, the website may collect and store the following information:

  • Any registered user information, for example, if a letter or message is sent.
  • Information reflecting the interaction of users with the website, including messages, inquiries, and geolocation data.
  • If a visitor leaves a comment on the website, we collect data entered in the comment form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent data to determine spam.

Where We Send Your Data

User comments may be automatically checked by a spam detection service.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

Pages on this website may include embedded content from other websites (such as videos and images). This content is processed as if the visitor visited another website.

These websites may collect your data, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your interaction with embedded content, including tracking your interaction if you have an account and are logged in to that website.

How We Protect Your Data

We do everything possible to protect our website and our users from unauthorized access, changes, disclosure, or destruction of stored information. Specifically, we do the following:

  • Actively use SSL encryption in our services.
  • Provide two-step identification for access to website accounts and the ‘Secure Browsing’ feature in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Continuously improve methods of collecting, storing, and processing data, including physical security measures to counter unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Limit access to our employees, contractors, and agents to personal data and impose strict contractual obligations, violation of which carries serious consequences and fines.

This text explains the security measures and data protection, including the use of SSL encryption, two-step identification, and ongoing efforts to improve data processing methods and physical security measures. It also states that access to personal data is limited for website employees, contractors, and agents, and strict contractual obligations are imposed with serious consequences and fines for violation.


Data Processing and Information

Data processing and information involve operations such as collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, analysis, and other actions that do not violate international and European laws regarding the collection and processing of information. You can learn the details in the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, available in Russian.

Atanasio & Co. uses the services of Google to collect user data. This is done to make our services more convenient. Thanks to this, we not only determine the language in which you have made inquiries but also solve more complex tasks, such as automatically selecting useful publications.

We register the information we collect through unique identifiers associated with browsers, applications, and devices. This allows us to save settings and other data so that you do not have to enter them again in a new session.

Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing is carried out in accordance with the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

The use and processing of any information published on the website are done in accordance with international and European law, as well as the current Privacy Policy of the website. During the development and improvement of additional services and systems on the Atanasio & Co. website, the current rules and conditions may be changed and/or supplemented. By using any functionality of the website and registering on the website, users accept and agree to all these provisions and rules of the Privacy Policy of the website

When using the services of Atanasio & Co., you explicitly agree to the processing of your data. Atanasio & Co. provides feedback forms, online service requests, a newsletter subscription form, and a form to download useful materials in the form of a survey.

The use of such services requires minimal (mandatory) user contact data and additional data, at your choice.

For example, for the client of internet services, the minimum mandatory personal data includes contact information for feedback: email address and/or phone number.

For what purpose does Atanasio & Co. collect information and process user personal data:

Identification of users to ensure the security of transactions conducted through the use of the website’s services. Interaction with contact persons of user-clients during the coordination and conclusion of transactions and agreements, for example, through email requests, phone calls, or via Skype/WhatsApp/Viber. Execution of obligations provided for in international and regional legislation, including intellectual property rights and contracts for the provision of paid services.

What information do we collect:

In addition to personal data, depending on the services used, Atanasio & Co. may collect and store the following information:

Any registered contact and financial information of users in case payment for services is made through the website. Information reflecting the relationships of users with the services of Atanasio & Co. and the company’s partners, including messages, inquiries, geolocation data, and other statistical information. Atanasio & Co. may use cookies on your computer to collect various data for marketing research in accordance with international legislation. This information helps to improve the quality and functionality of services and personalize content, while also allowing the collection of data for marketing research.

Transparency and Choice:

Atanasio & Co. seeks to provide transparency in the collection and use of user data and gives them a choice regarding the use of cookies and other technologies. Users can adjust their preferences in their browsers.

Information you share:

Information left by users in the comments on the Atanasio & Co. website may be publicly accessible and indexed by search engines, including Google.

Special protection for children:

Personal data of children requires special protection since they are less informed about the risks, consequences, and guarantees of personal data processing. Consent for the data processing of a child must be approved by parents or legal representatives. The age threshold for parental consent is determined by EU member states (from 13 to 16 years). If at the time of applying or registering on the website you have not reached the age of 17 and we do not have written consent from your legal representatives for such authorization, Atanasio & Co. reserves the right not to register your personal data and not to respond to your inquiries.



Information We Collect When You Use Our Services:

Applications, Browsers, and Devices:

We collect information about the applications, browsers, and devices you use to access Atanasio & Co. services. This information includes unique identifiers, browser and device type and settings, operating system, mobile network (including the operator), and the application version. We also log information about your interactions with our services, including IP address, error messages, system activities, date and time of your visit to our resource, and the URL from which you came to it. This information is collected when Atanasio & Co. products connect to our servers from your device.

Your Actions:

We gather information about the actions you perform within Atanasio & Co. services. This enables the functioning of various useful features that you often use. This information includes:

  • Search queries you make.
  • Videos you watch.
  • Views and interactions with content.
  • Purchases.
  • Your actions on third-party websites and applications using Atanasio & Co. services.

If you use Atanasio & Co. services designed for calling and messaging, we may collect call data, including incoming and outgoing phone numbers, date and time of calls, and messages, call duration, and call type.

Your Location:

We collect information about your location when you use our services to provide features such as showing routes to recreational places or searching for nearby movie showings.

We determine your location with varying degrees of accuracy, considering factors such as GPS data, IP addresses, data from your device’s sensors, etc. The type of location data we collect depends on your device settings.

We may also receive information about you from trusted sources, including marketing partners providing information about potential customers for our business services and security partners advising us on abuse prevention. Advertisers also share specific information necessary for conducting marketing research and displaying advertisements.

Various technologies, such as cookies and pixel tags, local storage, databases, and server logs, are used for data collection and storage.

User Data:

User data ensures the functionality of the website’s services.

We use user personal information for the operation of our services. For example, it helps us process your site searches or provide you with recipient addresses to share your information.

User data enables support and optimization of Atanasio & Co. services.

User information is also necessary for the stable operation of services (e.g., detecting faults) and their optimization. For instance, we can identify which queries often contain portal errors, allowing us to improve the spell-check function.

User data helps in the development of new services.

With the collected information, we can create new services and products. For example, by studying frequently used queries, we can develop optimal types of services for our customers.

User data allows the personalization of services, including content and advertising.

We use the collected data to tailor services to the needs of users, offer individual recommendations, personalized content, and search results on the site.

User data helps evaluate effectiveness.

We use your personal information to track how users interact with our services. For example, we analyze the statistics of visits to our site to optimize its internal structure.

User data is necessary for maintaining communication with you.

We use personal information, such as email addresses, to communicate with you. For example, we may send you notifications about changes to our products. When you contact Atanasio & Co., your messages are stored so that we can respond to your requests.

User data ensures the security of Atanasio & Co., users, and others.

The information we collect is crucial to ensuring the security and reliability of our services. It allows us to timely detect and block threats, preventing disruptions to Atanasio & Co., users, and public interests.

To achieve the above goals, we use various data processing technologies. Our automated systems analyze your requests and adapt other functions, taking into account how you use the site’s products.

Additionally, this allows us to block the timely spread of spam, malicious software, and illegal content, as well as prevent other illegal activities. To implement the described goals, we combine data obtained from various services and devices used by you.

If personal data is needed for actions not mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we will always seek your prior consent for its use.


Export and Deletion of Your Information:

If you need a copy of your personal data that you have provided on the website or plan to use this information in an external service, you can submit a request for us to provide this information. According to the law, you also have the right to request the deletion of your personal data if you have provided it through the request form.

When You Submit Your Own Information:

Many of our services allow you to submit information to other users and control this process. For example, you can share information from our site by sending links to any device.

It’s important to remember that all publicly accessible materials can be scanned and indexed by search engines, including Google.

When Atanasio & Co. Transmits Your Information:

We do not disclose personal information to users of companies, organizations, or private individuals not affiliated with Atanasio & Co., except as outlined below.

User Consent for Information Transmission:

Your personal information may be provided to legal or physical persons indirectly connected to Atanasio & Co. if you have given your consent. For example, if you decide to request a website creation service in Europe through Atanasio & Co., with your permission, we may provide your contact details to a specialist so they can contact you.

Transmission of Information on Atanasio & Co.’s Order for Processing by Third Parties:

We may provide personal data to entities affiliated with Atanasio & Co. and other trusted companies and individuals for processing on behalf of Atanasio & Co. This processing is done in accordance with our instructions, privacy policy, and other applicable privacy and security requirements. For example, third parties may provide user support.

Transmission of Information as Required by Law:

We may provide your personal information to legal and physical persons not affiliated with Atanasio & Co. if we conscientiously believe that these persons have the right to receive, use, store, or disclose this information based on the following grounds:

  • Ensuring compliance with legislation, executing a court decision, or fulfilling a mandatory request from state authorities.
  • Conducting spell checks and correcting spelling errors in the results.
  • Detecting, stopping, or preventing fraud.
  • Dealing with technical issues or security problems.
  • Protecting the rights, property, or safety of Atanasio & Co., our users, or the public in accordance with legal requirements and based on the authority granted to them by law.

We may provide personal information that does not identify you to all users and our partners, such as publishers, advertisers, developers, and intellectual property owners. For example, we provide this information to enable users to study trends in the use of our services.

If Atanasio & Co. is involved in mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, we continue to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data. We will also inform all interested users if their personal data is provided to another organization or is governed by a different privacy policy.

Protection of Your Data:

To ensure the protection of your information in our services, we use special measures. All Atanasio & Co. services are equipped with reliable protection tools that ensure the security of your data. When servicing our services, we collect information that allows us to detect and automatically solve various security-related issues.

We do everything possible to protect Atanasio & Co. and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, alter, disclose, or destroy data contained in our systems. Additionally, we take the following measures:

  • We use encryption to ensure data privacy during transmission.
  • We apply special account protection features, such as Safe Browsing, Security Check, and authentication.
  • We constantly improve the ways we collect, store, and process data, including physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
  • We limit access to our employees, providers, and agents to personal information and impose strict contractual obligations, the violation of which may be punishable or lead to dismissal.
  • All communications with Atanasio & Co. are carried out automatically through secure protocols.


Responsibility for Privacy Information Storage:

You are fully responsible for the privacy of information about your personal data (including unique passwords and profiles, if they exist), including all actions and their consequences performed by you or on your behalf (through your profile or account). For this reason, please do not provide your personal information and access data to third parties.

Duration of Information Storage:

In some cases, we retain user information for a specific period if required for legal or commercial reasons. We make every effort not to accidentally or unlawfully delete data from our systems. Therefore, information may continue to exist in our active services and in our backups after deletion.

Updates to Website Information:

We regularly update the information on the Atanasio & Co. website, the Privacy Policy, and process user information in accordance with this policy.

Data Transmission:

Since our servers are located in various regions around the world, information about a specific user may be processed in a country different from where they reside. The level of information protection and legal requirements in this area may vary in different countries. Regardless of where the information is processed, Atanasio & Co. uses the same security measures described in this Privacy Policy.

Atanasio & Co. also follows various legal requirements regarding data transmission, including the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the corresponding agreement between the US and Switzerland (Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework).

When we receive a written complaint related to the use of personal data, we contact the complainant. If we fail to resolve the complaint about the use of personal data directly with you, we refer it to regulatory authorities with the relevant powers.

European Union Legislation:

In cases where European Union (EU) legislation on the protection of personal data applies to the processing of your data, we provide means, as described in this Privacy Policy, for you to request access to your information, update or delete it, and set restrictions on its processing. Additionally, you have the right to prohibit the processing of your personal data or to transfer it to another service.

The processing of your information is carried out for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, on legal grounds described below:

  1. User Gives Consent for Information Processing:
    • Processing your information for specific purposes may require your consent. You have the right to withdraw it at any time. For example, such consent may be required to contact you and process your service request, provide you with personalized information, grant you access to online services, or retain the history of your searches for more effective recognition of your needs.
  1. Atanasio & Co.’s Legitimate Interests:
    • We may process your data when necessary due to the legitimate interests of Atanasio & Co. and third parties, taking all necessary measures to protect your privacy. This is done for purposes such as providing, maintaining, and improving our services in line with user needs, developing new useful products and features, analyzing the use of our services to improve their stability and convenience, personalizing our services based on user needs, marketing Atanasio & Co. products, detecting fraud, threats to security, technical issues in our services, protecting intellectual property rights, property, and the security of Atanasio & Co., our users, and society in accordance with legal requirements, conducting research to promote our products, fulfilling obligations to our partners, including developers and copyright holders, and complying with legal requirements, including investigating violations of the Terms of Use of the website.
  1. Providing Services:
    • We process your information to provide the services you have requested through the website using the feedback form. If you purchase goods or services through the website, we need to process your payment data.
  1. Fulfilling Obligations:
    • We process your data when we are legally obligated to do so, such as in response to requests from government authorities. For more information about your rights, please contact the competent data protection authorities in your region.

Cookie Policy:

A “cookie” is a small text information that is transmitted to the browser by the website you visit. It helps the website remember information about you, such as your language preferences, which is useful on your next visit to the same site. Cookies make browsing websites more convenient.

Cookies have various purposes. For example, they allow the saving of safe search settings, provide information of interest to users, and provide statistical information about the number of page visits. They are also necessary for registration in Google services and for data protection.

The website may use cookies on your computer to collect data for marketing research within the limits allowed by international law.

When the Privacy Policy Applies:

The Privacy Policy applies to all online services and products provided by the legal association Atanasio & Co. and related entities.


Changes to Atanasio & Co. Privacy Policy:

We regularly make changes to the Privacy Policy, and we urge you to familiarize yourself with all its provisions.

The new version, as well as any changes and additions to the current Privacy Policy, take effect when published on the website, unless stated otherwise in the documents and are mandatory for all users of this resource.

Therefore, the next use of the website after the new version takes effect, as well as after the introduction of changes and additions to the Privacy Policy, signifies the user’s agreement with all accepted changes and additions in the documentation and/or legal information on the website.

Website Services, Access, and Use:

Atanasio & Co. provides users with free services, such as open access to a blog with useful information, downloading reading materials, and others.

Regarding specific services or parts of these services, Atanasio & Co. may establish restrictions, additional fees, or special conditions at its discretion, which will be an integral part of the current Privacy Policy.

In case of disputes or discrepancies between these rules and new agreements or special conditions, the latest changes will prevail.

Communications through the Website and Processing of Requests:

Atanasio & Co. provides informational pages with useful study materials where users can post comments (if the relevant functionality is available), which will be accessible to a wide audience.

Service messages and transactional messages from Atanasio & Co. are sent to the email addresses provided by users.

Atanasio & Co. does not provide consultations and does not respond to questions and requests from users that are not related to the website services and beyond the competence of Atanasio & Co. We do not consider messages containing false information, written in an inappropriate format, offensive, and with other negative characteristics.

Communication from Atanasio & Co. to the user is carried out through their email addresses and other contact methods left by the users. All requests can be sent to the website’s email address:

Policy on the Use of Materials on the Atanasio & Co. Website:

The user has the following rights:

  1. To use and distribute information from the website by sharing posts from the site with the obligatory mention of the author’s name, the name of the source of the publication, and a hyperlink to the source:
  2. To read, view, and listen to the information published on the site under the conditions of a free and open license.
  3. To use other services on the site provided under certain conditions, through a contract or user agreement, or without such.

Our site contains a list of prohibited actions that users can familiarize themselves with in these rules since some actions (or inactions) of site users may harm other participants and third parties (authors, information users, project partners) and violate our rules.

The following actions are prohibited on the Atanasio & Co. website:

  • Violation of the norms of international and European law related to information protection, copyright, and other similar rights.
  • Posting information in any form (including photos, audio, or video recordings) that is the product of someone else’s intellectual property without the consent of the author of that information.
  • Sending information about counterfeit, forged, or pirated products in any form (text, photos, video, links, and others).
  • Posting and/or distributing intrusive information, including religious or philosophical beliefs, political, extremist, or destructive nature, and others aimed at inciting conflicts between users.
  • Sending uncensored and offensive expressions, threats, and information that degrades the honor and dignity of others, including in discussions on the site’s forums.
  • Distributing “information garbage” and/or spam.
  • Posting intimate information in any form or information about intimate services and child pornography.
  • Seeking personal information about users for the purpose of harassment, gaining personal benefit, and other illegal actions that violate the rights of personal privacy.
  • Publishing false (untrue) information in the sections of the site or engaging in fraudulent practices.
  • Distributing information that constitutes defamation and false information capable of causing reputational damage to users of the site and related participants.
  • Distributing malicious programs and information materials aimed at disrupting the operation of users’ internet systems.
  • Imitating logos and trademarks, including the logo of the Atanasio & Co. site (, for the purpose of deception.

Copying and reproducing any information and materials (including photos, ads, and others) and extracting/publishing such information using unauthorized special programs is also prohibited on the Atanasio & Co. site. It is also prohibited to interfere with the operation of the site through malicious programs.

Any action aimed at disrupting the operation of the Atanasio & Co. site will be prosecuted under the law and may lead to both administrative and criminal liability, according to international and local legislation.

Warranties, Liability, and User Obligations:

Atanasio & Co. and its website are public internet resources containing useful and promotional information.

By using the website and its services, the user guarantees that they are fully capable and/or of legal age. If necessary, the administration of the site has the right to request the relevant documents confirming the user’s capacity to use additional services on the Atanasio & Co. website.

The content of any information on the site, in any form, is provided solely for informational purposes.

Website Moderation: Atanasio & Co. carries out a check on the information received through feedback forms located on the site.


Terms of Use Agreement for the Website:

This Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you and the legal entity Atanasio & Co. regarding the use of the website

By using the website and services of Atanasio & Co., the user takes full responsibility for their actions (or inactions) and agrees to act in accordance with existing international and regional legislation and comply with the current rules.

The user undertakes to use the website’s services in accordance with their explicit purposes. For example, the service request form should only be used to request services from the company, not for sending spam or advertising proposals.

By using the resources of Atanasio & Co. and providing your email address, the user agrees to receive offers and promotional information from the website.

Changes, Modifications, and Additions to the Website:

Currently, we provide the opportunity to use the resources of Atanasio & Co. in its current form and scope, as presented and functioning at the time of use by the user, but we reserve the right to modify and add to it.

You agree that we may introduce any changes, modifications, and additions, including in the functionality of the website, without prior notice. We may inform users of such changes by publishing the relevant information on the website or by sending appropriate information to the email address provided by you at our discretion.

Copyrights and Terms of Use of Materials on the Atanasio & Co. Website:

The informational materials published on the website are the intellectual property of the Atanasio & Co. agency. The distribution of copyrighted materials from the website on the internet, in any form, is allowed only with clear attribution to the source of the materials and the authorship of the Atanasio & Co. agency.

The use of agency’s copyrighted materials for educational and informational purposes is permitted. Sending and distributing materials must include a link to the source of the materials:

Protection of Intellectual Property and Other Related Rights, Rights of Users of the Atanasio & Co. Website:

Intellectual property is an exclusively immaterial right, legally regulated, granted to the author of the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization, owners of trademarks, and patents. Using someone else’s intellectual property without the author’s permission is illegal.

Information in any format (text, photos, video, audio) published on the Atanasio & Co. website usually represents personal information of the authors of the articles and is protected by copyright.

Materials on the site may be placed that are not the property of the authors of the publications but have a free (open) license for use. When quoting such materials, the name of the source or the link to the source of these materials is indicated.

Exclusive Rights:

Atanasio & Co. owns exclusive rights to the use of intellectual property products presented on the site, such as the logo or trademark “Atanasio & Co.”, internet domain, site interface design, databases, structural content, and content of publications on behalf of the Atanasio & Co. site, some technical developments for using site functionalities.

To ensure the effective functionality of the Atanasio & Co. resource, the user grants Atanasio & Co. the right to use (within the law) the data published on the site (including texts and descriptions, announcements and messages, photos and materials, logos, names, trademarks, and other information) in any way and on any media, including for self-promotion and promotion.

Legality, Accuracy, and Timeliness of Information Published on the Site:

Atanasio & Co. takes the necessary measures to protect personal data and information from actions by third parties. The user decides whether to provide personal, contact, and other additional information to the Atanasio & Co. company and to publish such information or part of it publicly through comments or reviews, assuming all risks associated with such publication (the risk of the email address ending up in spam lists and other risks arising from the public publication of information). Atanasio & Co. cannot guarantee that the registered user is precisely the one represented on the site in the user profile (if the functionality is available).

If the published information for any reason does not correspond to reality, contains errors or inaccurate information, or is outdated for other reasons, the site administration has the right to request from the author who published such information to edit or delete it and/or to refuse its publication. In case of non-compliance with the requirements of the site administration, the information will be blocked until the errors are corrected or it is deleted.

The views and opinions expressed in the comments by the authors may differ from the views and opinions of the site’s editorial team. The site’s editorial team is not responsible for the accuracy of such materials, as the site plays an exclusively informational role.


Language of Publications:

Information on the Atanasio & Co. website may be published in any language. The user can choose the language of the website interface at their discretion.

Rights of the Atanasio & Co. Website Administration:

  • Review, editing, and modification of the Privacy Policy of the website, user agreements, and other agreements.
  • Modification of the website’s infrastructure and/or its individual elements.
  • Removal of illegal and/or unauthorized information from the website, as well as blocking user accounts in case of violations of international legislation regarding the protection of intellectual property and related rights, as well as the current Privacy Policy of the website.

Timeframe of the Privacy Policy:

Whether you have registered and/or posted information on the website, once you start using the services (and any functionality) of Atanasio & Co., the consent within the Privacy Policy becomes effective and is valid indefinitely.

If certain provisions are deemed invalid through the introduced changes or additions, these changes do not invalidate the other provisions of this document. Any additional documents and agreements published on the website on behalf of the Atanasio & Co. company are attached to this Privacy Policy.

Document Version:

The original version of this Privacy Policy is written in Bulgarian. In case of discrepancies in meaning (inaccuracy in translation) in the text in another language, the original version of the Bulgarian text will take precedence.

Compliance with the Law and Cooperation with Government Authorities:

We regularly check compliance with the privacy policy. We also adhere to a number of self-regulation principles, including the Framework Agreement between the US and the EU on Privacy Shield Framework, as well as a similar agreement between the US and Switzerland Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework. If we receive a written complaint, we contact the complainant and address the issue. If we fail to resolve the complaint directly with the user concerning the use of personal data, we submit it for review to government authorities with the relevant powers.

Dispute Resolution:

If disputes arise between the user and the legal entity Atanasio & Co. that cannot be resolved amicably, by mutual agreement, or through consensus, the norms of international, European, or local law under the jurisdiction of which the lawyers of Atanasio & Co. operate in their professional capacity will apply.

Definitions and Terms:

  • Services of Atanasio & Co.: These are tools, services, a blog with useful information, downloadable materials, feedback forms, payment functionalities for placing orders, and other functionalities of the website available to the user.
  • User: An individual who uses the website directly on their behalf or on behalf of a company or a third party (with the latter’s consent) to search and acquaint themselves with information on the website, for educational and other purposes, for posting ads, advertising, and other information, or for purchasing goods/services.
  • Personal Information: Data provided by you that allows the identification of your person. It includes names, email addresses, and other data that Atanasio & Co. may consider personal. The user always has the right to change or delete this data through the profile settings, if available, or by a written request to the website administration.
  • Personal Information that does not allow the identification of the user: Data about users recorded and grouped in such a way that they do not indicate specific individuals.
  • Additional Information: Additional data that the user may provide upon request for personalized services or consultation.
  • Website Registration: The action of the user related to creating a user profile and providing personal data as specified in the website form, to gain access to specific website services.
  • User Profile: An individual section of the website created for the user, intended for website registration, management of the user profile, and access to various website services. For the protection of personal data and user data, each user has personalized access to their profile (individual username, such as an email address), and the corresponding personalized password, which should not be disclosed.
  • Posting Information: The user’s action of publishing any information on the website, such as information about themselves, ads, publications, articles, comments, or messages, with informational, evaluative, legal, clarifying, supplementary, and other purposes.
  • IP Address: Each website has a number called an IP address. These numbers are usually allocated on a geographical basis, so the IP address often indicates where the device is connected to the Internet.
  • Pixel Tag: Placed on the website or in an email to track the actions of page visitors or moments of opening and receiving an email. It is often used with cookie files.
  • Device: This is a laptop used to access the services of the website. But it can also be a standard computer, tablet, or smartphone.



Cookies Policy:

“Cookies” are small text files that the website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. They allow the website to remember your actions and preferences, such as your login, language, font size, and other display settings. This text describes the different types of “cookies” and their functions:

Primary Cookies:

  • These are “cookie” files sent to the user’s device by the website the user is visiting.

Third-Party Cookies:

  • These are “cookie” files sent to the user’s device by a domain or website not managed by the same website the user is visiting. For example, if the website uses social networks or advertising platforms, cookies sent by these third parties are considered third-party cookies.

Session Cookies:

  • These cookies are used to collect and store data during the user’s session when visiting the website. They are usually used to store information that is only useful during the current service or session, such as information about online purchases.

Persistent Cookies:

  • These cookies are stored on the user’s device and can be accessed and processed for a specific period, as determined by the sender of the cookies. This period can vary from a few minutes to several years.

Technical Cookies:

  • These cookies allow the user to navigate the website and use various features, such as traffic management, session identification, etc. They are used to improve the user experience and functionality of the website.

Personal Cookies:

  • These cookies provide the user with access to services with predefined general characteristics, such as language, browser type, and regional configuration.

Analytical Cookies:

  • These “cookie” files allow tracking and analyzing the behavior of users on websites related to them. Information collected through these types of cookies is used to measure the activity of the website, application, or platform and to create user profiles related to the navigation of users on these websites, applications, and platforms. This information is used to improve services based on user behavior data.

Advertising Cookies:

  • These cookies allow more effective management of advertising space. They can be used to personalize ads according to user preferences.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies:

  • These cookies store information about user behavior obtained through continuous observation of their habits. This information allows the creation of specific advertising profiles.

Cookies from External Social Networks:

  • These cookies are used to allow visitors to interact with the content of various social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). These cookies are created only for users of these social networks. The terms of use of these cookies and the collected information are governed by the privacy policy of each social platform.

The Atanasio & Co. website uses some of these cookies for various purposes, such as:

  • Remembering display settings, such as color contrast or font size.
  • Remembering responses to surveys, indicating whether the content was helpful.
  • Remembering consent or refusal to use cookies on the site.
  • Some videos on the Atanasio & Co. website use cookies to gather statistics anonymously on how users arrived at the site and which videos they watched.
  • Cookies are stored in Google Analytics to determine the effectiveness of the website.

It is emphasized that the website can operate without cookies, but this may limit some features. Users have the option to delete or block cookies, but doing so may cause some parts of the site to not work as intended.