Additional Legal Services


In our team, we have both Spanish and Bulgarian lawyers. For any questions related to Bulgarian law and legal matters, you can consult with our specialists who will provide opinions, offer competent advice, and even prepare the necessary documents for you.


One of the significant problems related to property ownership is the risk of it being occupied by occupants. In such cases, the police are powerless, and it becomes necessary to evict them through legal proceedings.

We prepare the necessary documents, file the legal action, and handle the case in all instances until the occupants are removed from the property.

The procedure is similar for evicting improper tenants.

Our specialists will assist you in reclaiming your property as quickly as possible, allowing you to use it again.


Inheriting from a deceased relative in Spain is a quite complex and lengthy process. However, this process can be expedited and made easier if you have a competent specialist by your side who will prepare all necessary documents, submit them to the relevant institutions, and assist in the smooth and unimpeded inheritance acquisition.

In some cases, it might be better not to accept the inheritance, and in such situations, a specialist is again needed to guide you through the entire process of renouncing the inheritance.


From cases of domestic violence to the most serious offenses under the criminal code, you can rely on our specialists who will be with you during the pre-trial and court proceedings. Our goal at all times is to achieve the most favorable outcome for you.


In the process of debt collection, you can rely on our experts who will advise you and assist you in realizing your claim. Both extrajudicial and judicial proceedings are possible here to obtain what is owed to you.


One of the most common events in our lives is the road transport incident. Any person, regardless of fault, can be involved in a road transport incident that may result in damage to the vehicle and sometimes to health. Our team will help you navigate the aftermath correctly and protect your rights to minimize the impact of such an event.


Insurance disputes between the insurance company and the insured party often arise. Our specialists will help you protect your rights, ensure you receive what is rightfully due from the insurance company, and resolve any disputes through extrajudicial or judicial means.


In the relations between any individual and the government administration, disputes or dissatisfaction with the administration’s work inevitably arise. In such cases, our experts will help you prepare the necessary appeals, ensuring they are submitted on time and in the correct manner. We will be with you throughout the entire appeals process and correspondence with the administration.


Very often, it is possible and desirable to resolve disputes outside of court. This can be achieved through mediation, negotiations, discussions, clarifying the wishes and claims of the parties, and other means. Our specialists will take all necessary actions to avoid initiating a legal process and entering a courtroom. In case of complete disagreement between the parties to reach an agreement, you will be advised on possible scenarios and the development of a future legal case.

If it becomes necessary to initiate legal proceedings, you will receive full protection and representation throughout the entire process in all instances within the Kingdom of Spain.


An additional service we offer is the translation of documents by sworn translators, legalization of documents, and obtaining an apostille to make them recognized in other countries outside of Spain.

For all the services mentioned above, please contact us to discuss your case and determine how we can best protect your rights.